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    Baha’i House of Worship by kern.justin on Flickr.

    A note to my flickr friends - I’ve been behind by a few days - been out shooting this weekend. I’ll be back early this weekend to return your comments and see what wonderful things you’ve been up to!

    When you are all alone with your camera well before dawn and well before the rest of the world will come to meet you, you have the opportunity to bend the rules. I was taking some photographs of the otherworldly Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL when I decided to step inside for a few photographs. Just inside the door there was a sign that indicated photography was not allowed. There was no one around and the door was unlocked – surely they don’t want photography when the congregation is present, but while everyone is asleep and I’m there with my D700, they don’t mind …. right?

    I took off my shoes and left them outside next to my tripod so as not to make a mess of the immaculate floor and carpet inside. The building has a breathtaking dome, carved with immaculate detail throughout and “The Greatest Name” in golden calligraphy on the ceiling. I took a few photographs and left before I left a trace or was caught!

    One of the best pictures of the interior I’ve ever seen.

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      One of the best pictures of the interior I’ve ever seen.
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      I’ve been here of course
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      by kern.justin on Flickr. Baha’i House of Worship http://www.bahai.org
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