I'm a husband. And a dad. I'm making a Hulk quilt for my daughter. My wife gives the best massages and I'm not just saying that. I once jumped off a bridge because my friend did so hypotheticals mean nothing to me.
  • calumet412:

    1899 Chicago Tribune article sharing correspondence between an Indianapolis preacher and a Chicago police detective.

    There was a concern that permitting women to ride bicycles would compromise their morals.

    via The Hope Chest

    Bicycle riding and loose morals among women in Chicago in 1899.

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  • heritagebicycles:

    shop shots

    One of my favorite places in Chicago. Spent a great night there last Thursday with friends as a bluegrass/folk band played with a great fiddler. One day I hope to even buy one of their bikes!

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  • beforetheyweregrandparents:

    How a Bicycle Was Made in 1945

    A British Council Film from 1945 documenting the design and manufacturing of Raleigh bicycles. (via Devour)

    -thanks to our follower Meaghan K. for the link!

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