I'm a husband. And a dad. I'm making a Hulk quilt for my daughter. My wife gives the best massages and I'm not just saying that. I once jumped off a bridge because my friend did so hypotheticals mean nothing to me.
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    Mapping the World’s Most Seductive Shrines to Coffee

    T.S. Eliot, quite possibly the greatest English language poet of the 20th century, oh-so eloquently reflected on the passing of time by saying, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” So have we Thomas, so have we. From the borough of Brooklyn to Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Tokyo, and every other hub buzzing with creative productivity, we suspect that if they’re not all jump starting their days with Nespresso at the crack of dawn, they’re fueling their weary world with the rich, velvety, caffeinated goodness of some damn good direct trade, shade-grown beans roasted on vintage gear, pulled by an expert hand.

    See more. [Images: Paulina Sasinowska/Visua, David Joseph/dezeen, Jelani Memory/Coava, CLUBANTIETAM; Tasting Adventures, Masao Nishikawa/The Design Home]

  • heritagebicycles:

    shop shots

    One of my favorite places in Chicago. Spent a great night there last Thursday with friends as a bluegrass/folk band played with a great fiddler. One day I hope to even buy one of their bikes!

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    Coffee: Preventing Scurvy Since 1650

    In 1650, St. Michael’s Alley, London’s first coffee shop, placed an ad in a newspaper. That ad — archived in the British Museum, and Internet-ed by the Vintage Ads LiveJournal — extolled the many Vertues of the newly discovered beverage. Which “groweth upon little Trees, only in the Deserts of Arabia,” and which is — despite and ostensibly because of its Vertues — “a simple innocent thing.”

    What’s amazing about the ad — besides, obviously, its crazy claim that coffee can prevent Mif-carryings in Child-bearing Women — is how flagrantly its copyrighters flung the Vertues they extol. Per these 17th-century Mad Men, coffee could be used to aid and/or prevent: indigestion, headaches, lethargy, drowsiness, arthritis, sore eyes, cough, consumption, “spleen,” dropsy, gout, scurvy, and — my personal favorite — hypochondria.

    Read more. [Image: British Museum]

    Don’t know why “Coffee - drunk generally throughout all the Grand Seigntors Dominions” never really caught on.

  • Where I’ll be tonight!* Great music and great coffee. Done.

    *Unless you’re a stalker, then I’ll be somewhere else entirely.


    Don’t miss the We/Or/Me concert at Heritage Bicycles General Store tonight! Unless you have a shark rodeo planned (and if you do get us the address ‘cause we’re totally there after the concert) this is the best way to spend your night tonight.

    When: Thursday, February 23, 7-9pm

    Where: Heritage Bicycles General Store, 2959 Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL

    Facebook Event Page

    (Source: weorme)